The Day Out Of Time (2020)

The Day Out Of Time (2020) was an online virtual event with focus placed in all that which benefits a positive & loving pace forward.


We had a global celebration through music, dancing, workshops on sustainable living, ecological arts, Mayan astrology & more, all in order to prepare for a brand new cycle, full of love, abundance & good luck.


Below you can experience the cosmic map we created for this experience, on that day the enter button opened a ZOOM video chat where all activities took place.


 The Day Out Of Time (2019)

The Day Out Of Time (2019) was a gathering experience at Zuckersauber in Berlin, organized for people to connect with themselves and mother nature through different activities such as a cacao ceremony, mayan kin readings and cosmic live act of DJs.

According to Mayan cosmology, this special day is considered by them as one to enhance the soul, create a space for playfulness, arts, magic and creativity.


Spiegel Spiele, Photo Installation (2019)

Spiegel Spiele (2019) was a photo installation produced with the photographer Andrea Araya for the INHERENCIA label anniversary party at Crack Bellmer, Berlin.

As part of our ecological art proposal, the montage of the artist's photographs was build in a diamond shaped structure using solely recycled materials.


Chilean Conexión's Sustainable Market (2019)


Through a Sustainable Market, as part of the Chilean Conexion Showcase (2019) at GlogauAIR in Berlin, we exposed different methods of recycling, reuse and reduction of materials, together with different collaborators as a way of exposing the public to an awareness of their consumption habits.


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