Fën is an Ecological Arts Collective dedicated to create, share & spread sustainability & awareness through solar-powered & zero waste content. We offer services on video & sound production, visual design & illustration.




Our mission is to create and share art with awareness, which like a seed will create the plants that will become the trees that heal the earth. We believe that art is a powerful agent of change towards social evolution, and we see ourselves as artistic activists in this transition.



We seek to build a new paradigm regarding the way we live and make art by connecting our skills with our passion for environmental and social issues, thus using all the tools and knowledge of the present to reduce our carbon emissions. 


Our commitment to ecology is sustained not only by the message in our work, but also through our actions. We aim to be a carbon negative studio, in which ecology lays the foundations of each and every one of our artistic productions. We believe the green future to be now.


We seek to be active entities in the transmutation of our society towards a direction that is based on collaboration, unity, harmony and awareness. We are an expanding group of people that trust in the inherent kindness of human beings. We believe everything that surrounds us to be a reflection of our inner selves, therefore we decide to put our creative energy to service in the revolution of consciousness.




We create art interconnected with ecology from the start. We produce using our imagination and knowledge, both in the subjects of our interest as in the technology and practices that make possible an ecological production. Our focus is mainly in art forms such as: film, video, drawing, photography and music.



Cooperation impulses social evolution, therefore we believe in the importance of working together. We aim to collaborate with different people from all backgrounds and keep our doors always open. We want to share everything we learn from this process with those who have an interest.




We are delighted by connection. We aim to bring people together in a both compelling and playful context. Every event we organize, being this one a party, concert, market or exhibition looks forward to enhance happiness and purpose in a welcoming environment where the ecological art we produce becomes the host of the gathering.



Back in 2012 we were graduating as filmmakers while our concern for the climate crisis was growing exponentially. We had realized that we were gonna become part of an industry that in places like Los Angeles, polluted more than the clothing and hotel industries, becoming just second to fuel refining. From keeping studio lights on for days to the use of multiple vehicles to carry equipment and celebrities, the film industry has caught itself with the idea that is better to have more things at hand, just in case, rather than just what is necessary.


The bigger the production, the more you would have to throw away in the end. From multiple printed scripts and call sheets for the crew, to countless styrofoam cups for every coffee served through out the day, water bottles, single used sceneries and other disposables. Not to mention the plastic needed to create film rolls.


Because of all this we decided to do things differently. By 2013 we wrote our thesis “Film, And Ecological Activist” on the hypothesis that we could produce truly ecological films by considerably reducing our carbon emissions through the use of all the technologies and practices that existed at that time. We concluded that to make an ecological film, wasn’t just about telling a story with elements of environmental awareness through out the script, but also about having our ideals supported by our actions as producers. And so in 2014 we did our first little production called “Traffic Light”, made solely with a cute story, solar energy, three bikes, our friends and family.

Fën was born and from here on, we kept on creating audiovisual content while applying everything we had learned about ecological production. As time went by we travelled, we explore other art forms and we shared our experience with anyone who became interested, we realized that many creatives were having the same conflicts that we had with film, and as our wish for a sustainable and conscious approach to life grew bigger, we decided to open our focus to all the arts, therefore we officially became and Ecological Arts Collective.


“Fën” is a translation of the word ‘Seed’ to Mapudungun, language from the Mapuche, aboriginal inhabitants of Chile. We choose this name as a way of recognizing the wisdom towards nature of those before the colonization of the land in which this collective was born.