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ƒën is a Berlin-based ecological company dedicated to producing films and video content through sustainable practices and technologies. We aim to support the bridge between ecological activism and the audiovisual sector through practice and also by 
offering talks and workshops on the concept of Regenerative Filmmaking, both for students and industry professionals.


Our company’s purpose is driven by the intersection between film & ecology. We seek to build a new paradigm regarding the way in which we make video content by connecting our knowledge and experience with our passion for environmental and social issues, thus using all the available tools to reduce our carbon emissions to the minimum.


Our commitment to ecology is sustained both by the message in our work and our actions. We aim to be a climate-positive film studio, in which ecology lays the foundations of each and every one of our productions.


As we trust in the inherent kindness of human beings, we seek to be active entities in the transmutation of our society towards a direction that is based on collaboration, unity, harmony, and awareness. Therefore we stand for Intersectional Environmentalism, supporting the protection of both people and the planet.



We envision a world where all audiovisual 

content is made as a regenerative practice 

by bringing relief to the atmosphere & also 

becoming part of its healing. In this world, 

every idea is a seed, and by the final 

render, it is a tree healing the earth.


Our mission is to create content that helps

to regenerate the ecosystems of our planet 

through climate positive practices such as 

circularity, zero waste, clean energies, food 

sovereignty, activism, amongst others, for 

the whole of society to thrive.

Making Of MAR & CIELO (2021)



Fën was a seed planted by filmmaker brothers Roberto & Juan Pablo back in 2013 after realising that they were gonna become part of an industry that in places like Los Angeles, polluted more than the clothing and hotel industries, becoming just second after oil refining. Seeing themselves as artistic activists they decided to make things differently, they concluded that to make an ecological production wasn’t just about telling a story with environmental awareness throughout the script, but also about having these ideas be supported by their actions as producers. 

By 2014 Fën was already a tree giving its first fruit: Traffic Light, a 30 seconds film made solely with three bikes, a second hand camera, solar energy, family and friends.



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Roberto Zamora

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Juan Pablo Zamora

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Co-Founder & Executive Director

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Ana Belen Asfura

  • LinkedIn

Director of

Business Development



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