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Fën provides of a range of talks and workshops based on their experiences to educate, inform, and inspire the artistic community on the concept of Regenerative Filmmaking, sustainable practices, technologies, and all the available resources within a production to reduce our

carbon emissions to the minimum.

Our workshops are offered to students and industry professionals who want to actively support the bridge between ecological activism and the audiovisual sector.

Contact us for more information!


Mar & Cielo: A Seed Towards Regenerative Filmmaking | CAL Ecologies in Practice Symposium by Goldsmith

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"The Centre for Arts and Learning invites you to participate in Ecologies in Practice. This symposium will be a day of questioning, practice research and discussion. We are entering into debates about how the arts can connect with activism in a time of Earth Crisis. (...) In this symposium we are reflecting on how arts practice can embody specific and global ecologies, acknowledging meaningful histories and presences. The speakers we will hear from today are active in current practice and theory, responding to urgent issues and emerging experiences."

From 10 Thousand Tons Of CO2 to Zero:
 A Journey To Reduce The Film Industry's Footprint On Earth

at Zero Waste Berlin Festival 2020

In this talk we explored the importance of changing the way in which we create films in order to support and build a sustainable future. We looked at the film industry's carbon footprint, what has been done to reduce it, and how we, as professionals can choose to make greener productions through the use of technologies and environmental practices available today.

Ecological Animation Workshop

at Nomade Festival 2020

INARA, Guardian Of The Water is a small stop-motion film made in two days through our Ecological Animation Workshop. It was created and registered thanks to the creativity of its participants, the infinite energy of the sun, recycling, and various sustainable practices in the framework of the magical Nomade 2020 Festival in Manquemapu, Chile.

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