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MAR & CIELO (2021)

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Two contrasting brothers share a trip along the desert coast of Chile, along the way the complexity of their relationship and the climate crisis around them will trigger a revelation that will drastically change their future.


Claudia Monarde, Juan Pablo Zamora & Roberto Zamora



Direction Rocío Huerta & Roberto Zamora

Executive Production Juan Pablo Zamora
Script Roberto Zamora & Juan Pablo Zamora

Ecological Production Macarena Paz Gómez

Cinematography Gonzalo Rayo

Art Direction Chantall Márquez

Sound Recording & Design Rafael Huerta

Animation Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
VFX Sound 
Daniel Capon

Edition & Color Grading Rocío Huerta

Production Assistance Cristian Alfaro

Organic Catering Julieta Salinas & Sofia Lucero

Making Of Javiera Cifuentes & Ximena Molina

Marketing & Distribution Ana Belén Asfura
Music Rodrigo Gallardo


G Eco Film Festival 2021 Best Film

Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano 2021 - Best Actors

Oceanside International Film Festival 2022

San Diego International ShortFest 2021

All Living Things Environmental Festival

Not Film Festival 2021

2021 Shorts Mexico 2021

Drama International Short Film Festival 2021

Climate Crisis Film Festival 2021

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"Santiago & Paloma" is our first music short-film made entirely with solar energy which through a variety of pictures and a song, tells us the magical (but not impossible) story between Santiago and Paloma, a pigeon from the city streets and a big hearted girl



Natalia Venegas



Direction, Post & Script Roberto Zamora

Ecological Production Juan Pablo Zamora

Cinematography Isaura Jordan

Art Direction Andrea Araya

Animation Fabian Yañez

Production Assistance Emerson Arias

Organic Catering Pablo Silva


Lyrics & Composition Roberto Zamora
Percussion Gustavo Cruz

Mixing Nico Parra

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